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Wylde by Design is a proud member of the DBA


The Design Business Association exists to promote professional excellence through productive partnerships between commerce and the design industry to champion effective design which improves the quality of people's lives.


The DBA is a community of over 470 design agencies and design-led businesses who share a set of values and beliefs. Wylde by Design is currently the only professional design agency that is a member of the DBA in Harrogate and the surrounding area.






By belonging to the UK’s trade association for the design industry, Wylde by Design is demonstrating a commitment to:


• The belief that design should be treated as an investment.

• Delivering a return on that investment.

• The highest professional standards for creative businesses.


As such, we are committed to following the guidelines set out by the DBA for its members:


• Best practice to achieve effective design solutions to better our clients’ business

• Competence in providing measurable value for our clients’ investments

• Professional indemnity

• Accurate and clear financial reporting

• Commitment to salaries and charge-out rates in line with UK benchmarks

• Continuing professional development of staff

• Confidentiality and professionalism.


DBA members possess certain qualities that mark them apart. They’re ambitious. They take pride in their work and the industry they work in. They’re professional in how they run their businesses and in dealings with clients. They’re committed to supporting and developing themselves and their team. They care as much about the commercial effectiveness of their work as they do the creative element.


We believe that design is an investment, not a cost, and know that measuring the impact of design is the best way to prove its value.


DBA members are amongst the best and brightest in the country – they tend to be in the top 5% of design companies in the UK. They work in diverse areas ranging across graphics, brand, interiors, product and digital design.


For more information visit dba.org.uk or call 020 7251 9229.


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